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For paul, revelation is an important book because it tests an exegetes ability. Hebrews to revelation ebook 9781909680371 by leon morris, h. Its symbolism belongs to the first century, not to our own age, says leon morris in the preface to his commentary on revelation. Not the book, revelation, at the end of the new testament, but the doctrine of revelation. The symbolism of the book of revelation, the author tells us, belongs to the first century, not to our own age. Leon morris 1914 2006 was a leading evangelical new testament scholar. The original, unrevised text of this volume has been. Introduction some general comments about the book of revelation and its uniqueness. Revelation, it says, is the disclosure of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural. Thanks to rob bradshaw for making available the following book as a free pdf. The first scholarly commentary i read on revelation was by morris, and. This commentary on the book of revelation by leon morris, is part of the tyndale new testament commentaries series. I believe in revelation leon morris semantic scholar.

Two books on the theology of revelation by richard bauckham also influenced me. Revelation 6 the six seals grace communion international. Caird, bruce metzger, robert mounce, george eldon ladd, vern poythress, james m. And leon morris opens the book up for the reader in a way that makes it approachable and understandable. Leon morris says, the importance of this is that johns picture of a ruined universe was not some strange new teaching for his readers. Here he explains the significance of the symbolism and shows the bearing of the message of revelation on the problems of the day in which it was written.

The latter scene, one of the most difficult passages in revelation, has been explained in a number of ways. He was formerly principal of ridley college in melbourne, australia, retiring in 1979. Fords revelation, which is part of the anchor bible commentary or leon morris revelation, part of the tyndale new testament commentary. See especially the commentaries by leon morris, dennis johnson, g. New testament scholar leon morris quotes the shorter oxford english dictionary. It was a restatement of beliefs already held on supreme authority. An exegetical commentary, or the two volumes in the international critical commentary by r. Its symbolism belongs to the first century, not to our own age, says leon morris in the preface to his. The book of revelation is, i fear, a very neglected book. This commentary is one of morris best and once read you will never see revelation the same way again. I cant say that i often read commentaries from start to finish, but i did with this one.

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